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Healing the Spirit -returning to wholeness. Informed by Spirit, living in harmony.

"It isn't just about loving each other and changing the world; it is loving everything to change the world".

(Princess) Diana,  as channelled by the late Anne Stewart.

Jack is now continuing the work with his wife, soul mate and healer Vanessa. Go to our YouTube page for more. 

The "work" is our 1-2-1 psychotherapy and (spiritual) healing, talks and workshops on the "New Healing Modality."

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Also books and CD's, Diana channelling, the world of spirit and periodic observations about  waking up from the dreamworld we call "reality"... 

In the Stillness, Everything Happens...

"Enjoy and Savour this Gift. It is not a huge book for a reason. for like Gold, quality does not need to come in great quantities to be of immense value."  Mark W Foster.

Wisdom and guidance in this book, containing seventeen channellings from (Princess) Diana through medium Anne Stewart from January 2012 to July 2013 is as relevant as ever. Click here to buy.

You are richly blessed! Here's how we may serve you... 


Psychotherapy and Healing - We can help you, let you empower yourself and return to wholeness, in ways you will treasure, whether your issue is physical, emotional/mental or spiritual. Please go here.

To book a session or just get in touch, please go here. We do distant healing on request. More details on this [Psychotherapy and Healing] page [half-way down]




A New Healing ModalitySome time ago Anne, through medium Jonathan Brown, said that Vanessa and I would create a new healing modality. The New Healing Modality is hiding in plain sight. “NHM” will survive by being copyright free. We are giving talks and running workshops (at reasonable rates) in 2019 to enable you to remember your birthright. You can then use “it” on yourself, family, friends, companion animals and even paying clients and owe nothing to us.

We are all here to serve and be grateful. More here. WATCH JACK'S SHORT VIDEO HERE.                             

Waking up... A world, paradise, which all but those running the current insanity would aspire to is in our grasp. It will be secured through spiritual "technology", through love, joy and peace. However, it will never be realised through ignorance and wilful denial. Parallel to spiritual evolution comes waking up to the truth, the dark side and all its manifestations. The greatest threat comes from Artificial Intelligence, or AI, which begins with mobile phones, and ends with micro-chipped populations. So, stop "looking the other way whilst the train is coming", and challenge everything the mainstream throws at you. We have been lied to since the dawn of time. identify your own trusted sources and snap out of it. Get off the re-incarnation treadmill and move forever onward and upwards. But help us sort this lot [the earth and its controllers] first!   


Only an Angel Will Do traces the lives of Jack, Anne and Vanessa before birth to the present day. It is our belief that everything you are about to read is the unavoidable dance between how everyone plans this incarnation and our free will.

The book combines accounts of typical and fascinating lives and extraordinary episodes with an enlightened narrative which makes complete sense when seen from the point of view which is not of this world. Whilst we can never have all the answers, by the time you finish you will have more answers [and more questions] about the world than before you began...  


Anne Stewart channelled Princess Diana. Find out more about this remarkable woman. Visit her YouTube page. 




Want to Know more about the amazing world of Spirit? How you can help the process of your Being Healed? Read Jack's occasional Blog... And any talks or workshops we are doing?