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Healing the Spirit 

The beloved Vanessa Stewart passed to spirit on August 23rd 2019. Four years and a day after Anne Stewart.

Jack Stewart will be moving permanently to Greece before May 2020. This site is being wound down, and the legacy of Healing the Spirit, i.e. Anne Stewart, Diana and Vanessa will be transferred to my former blog post site,  


My new site is The blog posts will continue, but now we will have video and audio and a total emphasis on spirit. 

There is no 'negativity' in the statement that the world is dark, and is heading for disaster unless we wake up and change it.. We are waking up, it is changing, and the paradise it once was awaits us.

Vanessa Stewart, 1958-2019. My soul mate, and the woman who created paradise on earth for me. In the outrageously short time we were together, which was not without its challenges, I have learned and grown more than I ever thought possible. It is suggested that to reach a place of unconditional love in any incarnation is a rarity. Well, I did. My journey from angry young man, through angry older but a bit wiser man, to where I am now began with Anne Stewart, in 1979. From 2015, Vanessa took my life to a new level. Visit her much loved page. "Her smile would light up a room." She was also, only realised a few years ago, a truly phenomenal healer. This she will be continuing from spirit. 

Psychotherapy and  Healing

I offer therapy and healing, primarily via Skype (healerjack). So, if you want to let go of what's causing you physical and/or emotional/mental problems, and live the life you always wanted, contact me. 




In the Stillness, Everything Happens...


Wisdom and guidance in this book, containing seventeen channellings from (Princess) Diana through medium Anne Stewart from January 2012 to July 2013 is as relevant as ever. "Enjoy and Savour this Gift. It is not a huge book for a reason. for like Gold, quality does not need to come in great quantities to be of immense value."  Mark W Foster.




Amazing Anne

Anne Stewart channelled Princess Diana. Find out more about this remarkable woman. Visit her YouTube page.